Typography is a vital component of our brand communication. Consistent typographic elements ensure legibility and brand recognition when people interact with our designs across platforms.


Our typefaces are Volvo Novum, Volvo Antikva, and Volvo Broad. Our design system includes support for Extended Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek characters. We use British English as the default language in design files.

Laptop visual showing examples of the Volvo Novum typeface applied within UI.
2 examples of Volvo Antikva applied over the top of photographs of a female cyclists. Image 1 title reads: 'The streets belong to you. The cyclists.' The second image reads: 'The city is yours.'
Example of signature typeface Volvo Broad. The title reads: 'Unplug and play.' The headline is set in white and sits above an image of an XC40 BEV, shot side-on within a pink studio set. The vehicle is charging via a pink cable into a wall box on a pink lamp post.

Volvo Novum

Volvo Novum is our default typeface for most texts, including headings, subheadings, introductions, body copy and captions. This typeface is legible, functional and has enough weights for useful variation. The set includes a total of 10 fonts, with five options for italics.

Volvo Novum is our default typeface for most texts, including headings, subheadings and body copy.


Examples of Volvo Novum typeface usage.

Example shows large numbers set in Volvo Novum, medium weight. The left side shows battery charge as 100 percent and the right side shows 418 kilometres as the estimated battery range.
Displaying numbers for complete legibility.
Example shows a typographic layout explaining how recharging works. This visual is comprised of a title, image of a car charging port, further body copy and a link to learn about charging (set in blue caps).
Volvo Novum is the default typeface for most texts.
Image of a Volvo XC40 parked on the driveway of a home. White headline overlaid centrally reads: 'The future is electric.'
Social media posts.
2 UI buttons are shown. The top example is a primary call-to-action. Its label text is Volvo Novum, uppercase, white, with open letter spacing. It sits on a primary blue container. The second button style is a standalone link, set in blue, it has no container, and includes a right-facing chevron arrow as a suffix.
Buttons and links.

Volvo Antikva

The Volvo Antikva typeface is for use in editorial content, captions and quotes. The typeface is available in 5 weights, including Roman and italic, for a total of 10 fonts.

Volvo Antikva is our editorial typeface.


This is our "story" typeface. It's used for quotes where we give a voice to people or stories. In some instances, it can be used stylistically. Volvo Antikva should be used sparingly.

Example photograph shows a man dressed in black leaning on a vehicle. Above the image (in the sky) there is title text set in Volvo Antikva.
Editorial on web.
Example of a phone screen show Volvo Cars on social media. The screen is black and the post is a quote (set in Volvo Antikva). The post reads: 'Sometimes you have to believe, even when others don't.' - Håkan Samuelsson
Quote in social media posts.

Volvo Broad

Volvo Broad is a strong signature of our brand. It is our iconic typeface that provides impact and recognition.

Large visual which reads: 'Volvo Broad'. It is set in Volvo Broad. This typeface only has 1 weight and style.
Volvo Broad is available in 1 weight only.


Volvo Broad is used only for short statements or carefully selected messages. Please use as directed in brand assets for specific campaigns. Never use Volvo Broad for body copy, headings or detailed information.

Example title set in Volvo Broad. This heading is positioned top, centre in the context of a Volvo Cars web page. This screen is presented on a laptop. Heading reads: 'The Smarter XC60.'
Website hero image with a short statement in Volvo Broad.
Example of Volvo Broad heading included over an image of an XC40, shot in a pink studio setting. There is a male walking in the background, approaching the vehicle. The heading is set in white.
Website banner.
Example usage of Volvo Broad as a standalone title. The word 'safety' is set in dark blue, and sits centrally, on top of a pale blue background of block colour.
Social media post.

Incorrect usage

Here are examples of what to avoid when using Volvo Broad.

Example shows a large paragraph of body copy set in Volvo Broad. This presents poor readability, and must be avoided. Only use Volvo Broad for the shortest of headings and/or marketing statements.
Do not use Volvo Broad for body copy.
Example shows Volvo Broad applied to a longer (5+ word) heading. Avoid this. Volvo Broad is best used for large, highly succinct headings (e.g. 2-4 words). Headings set in Volvo Broad must have a clear space set around them for optimal impact. This means other text strings, UI, and content should be kept well clear.
Do not use Volvo Broad for long headings.
Example shows a heading set in Volvo Broad but with inadequate clear space surrounding it. The heading appears too close to the top edge of the photograph on which it is sat.
Do not use too little space around the Volvo Broad typeface.